Suradjin Sutjipto received his Sarjana degree in Civil Engineering from Trisakti University in 1985. He completed work for his master's degree in Earthquake Engineering under the guidance of Professor Gary C. Hard and Professor Robert E. Englekirk at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) in 1990.

According to his professors, as a straight-A UCLA graduate, Suradjin was inquisitive and sought an in-depth understanding of not only technical material, but design procedures and philosophy. He possesses an excellent technical understanding of both reinforced concrete and structural steel. Professor Kenneth B. Bondy, who was also a member of the ACI Committee 318, stated that Suradjin is possibly the best graduate student to study under him at UCLA.

Suradjin Sutjipto has been developing his career by combining both practical and academic professions. As a Practicing Engineer, he has designed several prestigious projects not only in Indonesia, but also in California (USA) and Taiwan. He is a licenced Professional Structural Engineer. As a Lecturer, he currently teaches some design classes in the Civil Engineering Department of Trisakti University and Tarumanegara University.

Suradjins' practical experience improved significantly when he joined in Robert Englekirk Consulting Structural Engineers, Inc. (REI), one ot he largest and most respective structural engineering firms in the United States, in 1989. He developed the design of a 60-story steel building in Taiwan. Environmental conditions required that the building withstand strong earthquakes and typhoons. The resulting bracing system incorporated eccentrically braced frames, stabilizing trusses and composite columns.

Due to Suradjin's ability to accomplish the design work fast and accurately, the REI engineers called him "boy wonder". He finished the structural design pricing packages of a 40-story reinforced concrete building within 4 days and a 45-story steel building within 5 days, assisted by only 2 engineers and 4 draftsmen. That 40-story reinforced concrete buildings was supposed to be the tallest concrete building in Southern California.

Nevertheless, Suradjin's practical experience is not limited to high-rise building systems. He has designed post-tensioned floor slabs, mat foundations, shoring systems for deep basements and the components of many low-rise buildings.

Under Suradjin's coordination, the structural design of Gedung Sapta Pesona, a 25-story reinforced concrete building in Jakarta, was done economically without sacrificing the architectural needs. The lateral resisting system of the building was designed by combining some ductile cantilever shear walls, coupled shear walls and moment resisting frames stabilized by an RC cap-beam system.

Along his career, Suradjin has authored several technical papers and research reports which have been presented in some seminars. He has also developed numerous structural computer programs for both commercial and in-house uses. At the request of Professor Mario Paz, Suradjin completed a chapter for Indonesia in Pfrofessor Mario Paz's book entitled International Handbook of Earthquake Engineering  including a related interactive computer program called INSEC. One of Suradjin's paper, Ductile Eccentrically Braced Frames-Behavior State Analysis, received the Structural Response to Ground Motion Award in 1989.


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